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The Land Bank Plan

This plan was drafted by MWCLT staff with input from local community members and national experts.

Community Members

Individual meetings and group meetings were held between staff and multiple community representatives to answer questions about the land bank and to gather input for this plan. These stakeholders will continue to aid MWCLT as it develops a more comprehensive strategy for public engagement over the next year.

National Experts

MWCLT board members and staff have consulted with both the Grounded Solutions Network and Center for Community Progress, two national organizations with expertise in community land trusts and land banking, respectively. Technical assistance from both entities will continue to be valuable as MWCLT begins operations as the first combined CLT and land bank in the United States. 

Strategic property transformation

Strategic transformation of property in accordance with community needs.

Objective 1

The main priority of the Land Bank will be the creation of affordable housing.

Objective 2

Subordinate priorities of the land bank will include retail/commercial/industrial activities, historic preservation, public spaces, and urban agriculture.

Objective 3

Community prioritization criteria will help focus the land bank's activities in areas in need of greatest intervention. 

Objective 4

When applicable, the land bank's activities will align with existing planning efforts of the City. 

Streamlined acquisition and disposition

Streamlined procedure for acquiring, maintaining, and transferring properties.

Objective 1

The land bank will have a simplified and efficient property acquisition process. 

Objective 2

Property maintenance will be efficient and fair.

Objective 3

Property disposition procedures will be equitable and transparent.

Transparent processes

Transparent process with sustained community involvement.

Objective 1

The Citizens' Advisory Panel (CAP) will be the primary entity responsible for decisions on property use and disposition.

Objective 2

Opportunities for additional community input will be made available consistently and often. 

Objective 3

The land bank will develop ways to measure its progress and track achievement of goals 

Objective 4

Providing data on specific properties, including those currently, and formerly owned by the land bank, will increase transparency and promote trust in the organization. 

Read the 2021-2022 Annual Plan here.

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