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Building on the Past to Create a Vision for the Future.

Trough a brief engagement process funded by the Richmond Land Bank and Historic Richmond, we have created a vision plan with a set of community values and visuals that will guide the future development for 15 properties in Jackson Ward.

Project Background & Details

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Study area (RLB Properties shown in blue)

The Richmond Land Bank acquired 15 formerly tax-delinquent properties in Jackson Ward, between 2nd and 4th Streets, north of the Interstate and south of Shockoe Cemetery. Most of these properties are vacant. Historic Richmond, a non-profit with the mission to preserve the distinct character of Richmond’s history, is partnering with the Richmond Land Bank to explore more deeply the possibilities for development.      


Through this exploration, we have developed a set of community visions and values, including options for future uses. It is our hope through this process to honor the location’s rich past and create a practical vision for the future.


We engaged partners and nearby residents in a conversation to create a broad vision and values document, supported by visuals that will help guide future development of the 15 RLB properties. We endeavored to answer the questions: what is a solid vision for the future (near-term and longer term)? What principals and potential uses should be considered in future development?

Click below to read Historic Richmond's full draft narrative for the project.


Richmond Land Bank, with Ebony Walden Consulting, an urban strategy firm and Form Coalition, a urban design firm, led a short community engagement effort during the summer of 2020.

Discovery Phase
Vision & Values
Ideas & Visions

One-on-one conversations with community leaders and stakeholders

Online surveys, small group meetings (virtual, telephone and in person)

Pop-up meetings in the community at events and/or small group meetings 

Final Summary Report

The results of the interviews and surveys focused around three main priorities for the site’s revitalization, which were interpreted through FORM Coalition’s revitalization scenarios.

The three potential development scenarios focused on Culture, Legacy & Placemaking; Entrepreneurship & Economic Opportunity; and Housing & Green Space.


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