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In accordance with the Annual Plan, the Richmond Land Bank is now accepting applications from for-profit as well as non-profit entities. Application information and materials can be found here.

Now Accepting Applications

These are not Community Land Trust homes. They are vacant land parcels that will be transferred to developers and builders for the construction of affordable housing. If you are interested in a CLT home, please visit or call 804-718-0135.

These 6 vacant properties (marked in blue on the map below) are available for the construction of dedicated low-income housing (rental or owner-occupied) by pre-qualified developers only. If you are interested in developing any of these, please submit a property purchase application by April 3, 2023. The timeline for transfer after property purchases are approved is still to be determined as staff works with the City of Richmond to clear some legal complications.

  • 3100 Alvis Avenue, Brookland Park*

  • 207 East Ladies Mile Road, Providence Park

  • 3602 Delaware Avenue, North Highland Park**

  • 1903 and 1905 Semmes Avenue, Springhill

  • 5913 Fergusson Road, Three Chopt

Please note that for owner-occupied homes built on these properties, participation in the Community Land Trust program is required. That is, MWCLT will retain ownership of the land after the homes are  sold and manage the homes through our homeownership program. Rental homes will not be subject to this requirement, but long-term affordability commitments will still be given preference.

Use the map below to find more information about the properties.

* 3100 Alvis Avenue includes part of the Cannon's Branch Resource Management Area. Recipient must plan around this.

**Recipient of 3602 Delaware Avenue should budget for at least an additional $10,000 in purchase costs on top of typical RLB costs.

Transferred (Green Markers):

These properties have been transferred with development agreements to the approved recipients.

Jackson Ward

  • 302, -04, -06 E Preston St

  • 303, -05  E Bates St

  • 1001, -05, -07, -09, -11 N 3rd St

East End

  • 1001 N 26th St

  • 1005 N 26th St

  • 1007 N 25th St

  • 1009 N 25th St

  • 1108 N 26th St

  • 1223 N 32nd St

  • 1206 N 33rd St

  • 615 N 30th St

  • 1608 N 28th St

  • 1208½ N 32nd St

  • 2006 Carver St

  • 1029 N 30th St

  • 1423 N 32nd St

North Side

South Side

  • 42 W 21st St

  • 1 E 25th St

  • 1800 Albany Ave

  • 3106 Midlothian Tpk

  • 2501 Dana St

Holding (Red Markers)

These properties are being held long-term by the land bank and are subject to special consideration and processes.

Jackson Ward

  • 307, -07½ , -09 E Preston St

  • 311½ E Preston St

  • 1002 N 3rd St

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