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Step 1

Be Eligible

Only certain entities are eligible to receive Land Bank properties.

The Richmond Land Bank is currently only awarding properties to not-for-profit entities. As well, you or your organization must have a good history of project/property development, be committed to the Land Bank's mission, and have the financial means to maintain a property. For more information, read the Eligibility Policy.

Step 2


Before you can apply for a specific property from the Land Bank, you have to pre-qualify.

After you send your Pre-qualification Application to landbank@mwclt.org, the Staff will review it according to the Eligibility Policy. 

Step 3

Apply for Purchase

Once you are qualified, you can apply to purchase a Land Bank property.

One you have been pre-qualified, you may submit a Property Purchase application for any of the properties that have been reviewed and designated by the CAP. For a list of available properties, click here.